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Why should you have your piano tuned regularly?

Keeping the piano up to pitch will help preserve the instrument as well as keep it sounding beautiful.

A piano was designed to be tuned to the international concert pitch standard of A-440 cycles per second. The piano is under a great amount of tension due to the strings, with approximately 150-200 lbs. of tension. When the tuning of the piano changes, the tension changes. This can affect the structure of the piano.

If the piano has not been tuned in several years, it may need a pitch raise, depending on how out of tune the piano is. With a pitch raise, the whole piano is spot tuned to roughly the desired pitch to bring the piano to the desired tension. If it is badly out of tune, it might need more than one pitch raise. After the pitch is raised, I go through the piano to fine tune it. A pitch raise can be a traumatic experience for your piano. Having it tuned regularly will prevent it from going through this.

Piano Keys

What is the cost of a piano tuning?

The fee for a fine/standard tuning is $150.

A pitch raise is an additional $70.

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